Rubber Stamp


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Printing: Ink Colour (Blue / Black / Red) Print Side: Single Rubber Size (Rectangle): 10mm x 35mm, 10mm x 45mm, 10mm x 65mm 14mm x 43mm, 14mm x 55mm, 14mm x 83mm 18mm x 43mm, 18mm x 55mm, 18mm x 67mm, 18mm x 78mm 22mm x 43mm, 22mm x 55mm, 22mm x 67mm, 22mm x 78mm, 22mm x 91mm 27mm x 103mm, 27mm x 43mm, 27mm x 55mm, 27mm x 63mm, 27mm x 67mm, 27mm x 85mm 32mm x 55mm, 32mm x63mm, 32mm x 78mm, 38mm x 43mm, 38mm x 55mm, 38mm x 67mm 43mm x 55mm, 43mm x 67mm, 43mm x 78mm 53mm x 55mm, 53mm  78mm Rubber Size (Square): 18mm x 18mm, 22mm x 22mm, 55mm x 55mm Rubber Size (Circle): 18mm, 24mm, 28mm Artwork Size (Circle): 16mm, 22mm, 26mm *Actual size is 2mm smaller* Quantity: Minimum Order Quantity From 1pcs File Format: (.ai) (.pdf) Process Duration: 2 – 3 Working Days Delivery takes extra working days Please submit file using the template provided or there might be delay in processing the order Cut-off Time: 3:00 p.m.