CD Jacket


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Printing: Full Color (4C) Type: FCD001, FCD002, FCD003, FCD004, FCD005 cdjacket Print Side: Single / Double Jacket Size: Opened FCD01 (160mm X 503mm) FCD02 (160mm X 503mm) FCD03 (160mm X 503mm) FCD04 (160mm X 384mm) FCD05 (296mm X 441mm) Closed FCD01 (125mm X 130mm) FCD02 (125mm X 130mm) FCD03 (125mm X 130mm) FCD04 (130mm X 130mm) FCD05 (148mm X 130mm) Material: 260gsm Art Card 310gsm Art Card 360gsm Art Card Finishing: Gloss Lamination (D) Gloss Lamination (S) Matt Lamination (D) Gloss Lamination (D) + Spot UV (S) Gloss┬áLamination (S) + Spot UV (S) * Printing & Finishing Can Only Be Applied On The Coated Side Of Paper. * 1 Side Printing / 1 Side Finishing Is Applied On The Outer Side Of Coated Paper. * Folding For Paper Line Creasing For Card Or Paper With Lamination / Varnish (Orders Will Be Delivered Without Fold) Quantity: Minimum Order Quantity From 250pcs File Format: (.ai) (.pdf) Process Duration: 6 – 8 Working Days Delivery takes extra working days Please submit file using the template provided or there might be delay in processing the order Cut-off Time: 3:00 p.m.